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We believe that we all have the opportunity to vote for the world we want to live in through the way we choose to spend our money. By identifying the causes that are close to our hearts we can make buying decisions, choosing companies whose values are aligned to our own. Additionally, by choosing alternatives, we can all send a powerful message to the corporations that we don’t support.

We are open

7 days a week (excluding 24th & 25th December)
Breakfast from 9am until 11:45am (11:30am on a Sunday)
and lunch from 12pm
Closing at 4pm – October to February
Closing at 4:30pm March to April
Closing at 5pm May to September

Who are we

An independent café come restaurant serving great food and drink, made here by people who enjoy what they are doing.  Good ethics are at the heart of all that we do from our sourcing to how we work with those around us. We choose our suppliers carefully and only buy from farmers who practise traditional, free-range farming methods without the use of unnecessary antibiotics. We are on the edge of the very beautiful Aquadrome, 100 acres of woods, lakes and grass but just a few steps from a large, free car park. We believe that good food can unite a community.

We are also now a shop, open the same hours as the café with the same ethics. A one-stop grocery shop for all your mealtime needs. We stock a great range of organic fruit and veg, meat sourced directly from local farms from animals that are grass reared and free of unnecessary antibiotics. We have all the items you need in your store cupboards to produce healthy and tasty meals.